"It was love at first sight, we tried it, I had the chance as a crew to go sailing around « Belle Ile » island, in a Multi23 

We bought it and we are absolutely delighted with this boat [...]

It's a pretty safe boat, [...], we felt quite safe, but at the same time as soon as we pushed it a bit ... it became a real fighter aircraft! 

And this is a balance that is not easy to find."


Christian P. (owner of a Multi23 / France)

Source: Youtube (2013/04/18)



“I always enjoy sailing a M23.  It’s a great solo or crew boat. There’s plenty of space on deck, it’s easy to handle and is fast. This makes it perfect for having a fun relaxing sail with beginner sailors or a seriously exhilarating sail for experienced sailors.” 
Damian.T (2014/08/18)

"Fun- Fast and Affordable the 3 key points of the Multi23:

Single handed – With the family or your racing crew, It always a great fun to sail on the Multi23.
Pretty competitive on the race side, I had great time racing Startijenn my Multi23. On flat water, we manage to reach 23 knots, that was pretty epic!
Happy M23 sailing !"

JohanStartijenn – Sydney Australia

"I sailed on this boat and I really found the sensations I know my great aboard trimaran. It's responsive, sporty, very handy and much less complicated than Crêpes Whaou!
Starting at 5 knots of wind, it is really fun "


Franck-Yves Escoffier

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