The Multi 23 is a trimaran sailing for the day, it's perfect for navigating family, racing, but also for hiking in coastal navigation


Light, weighing only around 400 kg, the Multi 23 is manufactured using modern techniques and carbon-reinforced wherever necessary; the boat is stiff, very responsive and fast

Easy to use

Whether you are occasional sailor or seasoned sailor, you'll appreciate the simple controls and optimized of  the Multi 23, it is also designed for solo sailing

user friendly

Starting at the slightest breeze, the Multi 23 will be amazed by its speed and stability, it does not leave insensitive and people you embark on will keep a very good memory, with certainly the envy of navigation next!


The Multi 23 has been designed for a large public, she has been optimized to be accessible from anywhere on the platform, the rudder and rudder controls are automatically retractable if they encounter a hostile obstacle to navigation; The Multi 23 is perfectly "beachable" trimaran. The volume of Multi 23's floats  is ideally distributed for dealing if they dives into the water, it slows the boat in such cases; no capsize reported to date, since the very first boat launched in 2007!


The Multi 23 trimaran is a removable, it can be assembled in about one hour with two people, it can be transported on a specific trailer whom does not exceed 1.80 m wide; a beach kart is also available for storage on the coast

VPLP Designed!

The Multi 23 has been designed by the renowned architectural firm Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) that the reference in the field of multihull racing and cruising, such as "Formula 1 of the seas" Groupama 3, Banque Populaire V , Mod 70, Oracle USA17, Crêpes Whaou! 2, the Hydrofoil (speed freak), Sig 45, max cruising catamarans such that Hemisphere 145 '...